Body Image Issues

Counseling for Body Image Issues

It’s safe to say that our society is very focused on body image. Advertisers peddle products to help you “look your best,” and the media is obsessed with people who have the “perfect body.” Sometimes all of these messages can increase worry and even obsession about how you look. Poor body image can lead to the development of poor self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and even eating disorders and body dysmorphia. Women are often the focus when it comes to body image, but men can also suffer from poor body image as well.

How do I know if I struggling with body image?

Signs can include:
  • frequently thinking about how you look
  • frequently looking in the mirror
  • avoiding being in photos
  • constantly self-comparing with others
  • avoiding social events
  • wearing clothing to hide body
  • preoccupation with a particular physical feature

How can counseling help with my body image?

The counseling room is a supportive space that can help you build confidence about your mind, body and spirit. Our counselors can help you explore how your life experiences shaped your ideas about your body. In working on body image, clients also learn to identify and challenge negative core beliefs they have about their body. Counseling can also help you work to interrupt compulsive or isolating behaviors that keep you from meeting goals and building strong relationships.

If you need a place to work on feeling more positive about your body, reach out to the Midwest Center for Hope and Healing today.



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