Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Alcohol and Drug Dependence Counseling

People respond to stress in a number of ways, and drugs or alcohol are an all too common way of dealing with it. Many people use these substances to escape, but over time they actually leave you feeling even more trapped. Alcohol or drug dependence can jeopardize your relationships, your career, your mental health, and even your life. And it is incredibly difficult to reverse dependence without the help of a professional who can provide insight about the nature of alcohol or drug dependence and connect you with the right tools for recovery.

How do I know if I struggling with addiction?

The most common symptoms of alcohol or drug dependence can include: 
  • unsuccessful attempts to curb use
  • using or drinking in larger amounts than anticipated
  • spending a lot of time using, obtaining the substance, or recovering from use
  • experiencing cravings to drink or use drugs
  • interference with work or home life
  • continuing use even after problems arise
  • putting yourself or others in physical harm
  • needing more to achieve the desired high or effect

How can counseling help with my drug or alcohol addiction?

Counseling is often an important first stop in recovering from drug or alcohol dependence. Our counselors provide non-judging support and can help you uncover thinking and behavior patterns that lead to addiction. They can also equip you with additional tools to cope with the stress of life and help you navigate the challenges of relationships affected by your dependence. Our counselors can also help connect you to support groups or other programs that can aid you in your recovery.

If you’re tired of letting drugs or alcohol rule your life, reach out to the Midwest Center for Hope and Healing today.

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