Help Your Teen in Quarantine – Strategies to ease virtual learning challenges

virtual learning

As teachers continue to work to make things easier for students, there are also steps that can be taken at home to adjust to the unusual circumstances. The following list includes a variety of strategies with the goal of increasing engagement, motivation, satisfaction and success of virtual learning. Schedules and Routines Schedules, whether AM/PM or broken down hourly, can help add the structure that in-person schooling provides. Writing out a schedule or to-do list helps with accountability. In addition, scheduling …
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Coping with Self-Quarantine

Coping with Self Quarantine

Being self-quarantined can be very stressful during these “unprecedented times”. With words like Coronavirus and COVID-19 everywhere, how can we take care of ourselves during this critical time? I know some of you are feeling overwhelmed with the task of homeschooling your children, being locked in for these next few weeks, and having very little physical contact with the outside world. I would like to offer you a few suggestions to help you cope with the stress of self-quarantine and …
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